How Music Affects Exercise Motivation

Have you ever noticed how music motivates and inspires you to work out? Do you get excited when your favorite song plays during your group exercise class? A growing body of research suggests that music directly affects exercise motivation. Here is one  way music affects movement. Research indicates that music keeps us from focusing on the physical sensations of fatigue, particularly during lower-intensity exercise. Distraction from fatigue varies from person to person, as everyone’s personal fitness level plays a role, but music can help you push yourself harder during your workouts.

Music increases mental arousal

“Altering the mind’s arousal state with music will result in an increased exercise performance, as if the music is ‘psyching’ one up to perform exercise better,” wrote researchers Karageorghis and Terry in their review of the psychophysical effects of music in sport and exercise (1997). Additional research has known that there are direct connections between auditory neurons to motor neurons. In other words, regardless of what you hear, your brain and body will react.

Music Exercise

Overall, when you are inspired you are more likely to exercise and maintain motivation. From aiding performance to pushing your workout intensity just a little bit further, music greatly influences movement. So, what’s on your workout playlist?

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